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>How To Convert .Rpm File To Deb File In Linux

> There are several types of installation files for Ubuntu, and unfortunately many of them are not easy to install. Although a huge problem of finding and installing software is resolved by the Ubuntu software center, there are times when … Continue reading

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>View Webpage In Horizontal Frames With Split Screen Onclick [Chrome]

> A while back we covered split screen Onclick which is a Chrome extension that splits the screen vertically into multiple segments. The developer was requested by many users to come up with an extension that can do the same … Continue reading

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>jstest-gtk Is A Joystick Testing And Configuration Tool For Linux

> Joysticks are an essential part of gaming consols and are also preferred over a keyboard or mouse by gamers. Many joysticks can have compatibility issues that can cause functionality problems. As we already know that many developers have been … Continue reading

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>Scriptish, Promises Better Firefox 4 Userscript Support, Performance

> Firefox 4 users who want to work with userscripts, small javascript programs that change a website’s functionality or add features to it, can install the very popular Greasemonkey extension, or the lesser known Scriptish. Scriptish promises several advantages over … Continue reading

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>Radbox, Save Online Videos To Watch Them Later

> Have you experienced the following situation? You just received an email or message from a friend that contained a link to a funny must see video. Problem is, you do not have time to watch it right now. What … Continue reading

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>Gmail Resets 150,000+ Email Accounts, Loses Everything

> If you can’t log into your Gmail account this morning it could be because engineers at Google are trying to recover all your emails that they accidentally deleted last night. Some estimates say that as many as half a … Continue reading

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>4chan Downloader Saves All Thread Images Automatically

> 4chan regulars, who like the site because of its vast pool of images that get uploaded to the website every minute, often utilize software or extensions to download images automatically, or at least semi-automatically from the popular Internet message … Continue reading

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>The latest Ubuntu Unity: Good or bad?

> It’s almost here. Ubuntu 11.04 will be arriving in less than two months and when it does, there will be reactions. Big reactions. Some of those reactions will not be so great. I took the time to install the … Continue reading

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>How To Set An Image As Windows Media Player 12 Library Background

> Windows Media Player 12, despite its excellent features, provides very few customization options. The only changes that you can make to its visual appearance are perhaps the available Media Player skins. WMP12 Library Background Changer is a portable application that allows changing library background images … Continue reading

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>Play PlayStation 3 Games on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad Using EveryAir

> Good news for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users. Now you can play PlayStation 3 games on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad by using an app available in App Store. The name of this app is EveryAir and it … Continue reading

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