>Create Custom Tab to Get More Facebook Fans


No doubt, by having a great looking welcome page on your FB Pages, you’ll get more fans. Do you want to have a eye-candy FB welcome page? If you answered yes, then this article is for you. In this article I’ll let you know how to use some features to decorate your welcome page. There are few tabs by default, which can be re-arranged according to you. But if you want to add a custom tab, then follow this article to do so.

Procedure to add a custom tab:

1) First you need to sign up with an app called as Static FBML. After the sign up, this app will be added to your fan page. It will display the content which you embed in the box offered to you.
2) You will get option to set up a mailing list box, enquiry or contact options, contest, free promotional stuff, order forms, and more.
3) Now visit the Static FBML app and add , install it on your Facebook fan page.
4) Click on ‘Add to my Page’ option which is present on the left side. It will display a small box with all your current fb pages. Then select the page where you want to add the custom tab.
5) Now click on the Facebook logo and visit the fan pages section. Click on the ‘Edit Page’ option, present under your selected page.
6) After that click on ‘Edit Page’ option.
7) Click on Apps > FBML > Go to App, from the left side option.
8) Now you can see a box in which you need to enter the information you want to display on the custom tab.
9) Once everything is set, click on the fan page and the new tab would show up there with the info you have earlier set.


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