>Create Slideshow of your Facebook Photo Album


Powerpoint presentation is a good way to watch your photos in a slide show. But have you ever thought to use your Facebook album photos to create the Powerpoint slideshow? In this article you’ll know how to create the Powerpoint presentation out of your Facebook albums.

Steps to create Powerpoint presentation from Facebook albums:

1) First visit docs.com. Once visited, you’ll be asked to login with your Facebook account.
2) If you find a pop up window blocked message, simply allow the pop ups from your browser.
3) Grant the permission to access the Facebook albums and the videos.
4) Once you’re logged in, select the album which you wanted to create a slide show of.
5) Once you’ve selected the album, select Only Me from the Viewers: list, and also Only Me from the Editors: list as shown below. You can also change the settings according to you.
6) Now hit the Create button and it will take some time to render your photos from your album as slide show.
7) Once rendered, you’ll be directed o a slide show viewer on Docs. This will let you see the newly created slide show which you can also edit the presentation or the slideshow which you have created.
8) in order to open the created slideshow in PowerPoint, click on the PowerPoint Link on the top left of the slide show window.
9) You’ll be asked to download the file. Download it and open the same in Microsoft PowerPoint.

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