>JustPaste.It Service to Share Text, Images & Videos with Friends

JustPaste.it is a web app that gives you the easy way to share text, images, and embedded videos with others. It lets you paste in text, apply some simple formatting, then publish it using a simple link. It generates an URL which will point to a web page that will have the text, images, and video that you want to share.

Key Features of JustPaste.it

  • Simple and easy-to-use web based text editor.
  • Type text, and format it with various formatting options.
  • Embed images and videos in your text.
  • Embed YouTube videos with your text.
  • Write equations in LaTex syntax, and JustPaste.It will show that as proper equation.
  • Copy from your Word document, and paste in JustPaste.It.
  • Import text from files on your computer.
  • Copy text from a web page, and paste in JustPaste.It.
  • Supports doc, rtf, and odt files.
  • Free-to-use service without any registration.

With JustPaste.It, you can share large text on services like Twitter and Facebook. This service doesn’t have any character limitation. You can easily type the entire text in JustPaste.it. It is the best online text editor that I have come across. So I would suggest you to use this service which is absolutely free and you don’t want to go for any sign up.

Click Here to get started.


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