>Doit.im to Manage all your Important Tasks


Doit.im is a nice task management tool that lets you easily manage all your important tasks. It is integrated with Adobe Air app that works on Windows, Mac, and Linux OS platforms. First you need to sign up with them and then you’ll be able to add and organize the tabs.

On the left sidebar you will find the following options:
  • Inbox is used to quickly collect and record To-Do Items when you considerate what to do in future.
  • Today shows tasks that needs to be done today, all items here will also be listed under Next from where you can review, evaluate, and arrange the tasks.
  • Tomorrow shows tasks that needs to be done tomorrow, they will be added to Today after 12 O’Clock Midnight.
  • Scheduled holds all tasks that are not in Today and also those tasks that have not been completed yet.
  • Someday holds tasks that you can’t commit now but plan to perform in future.
  • Projects holds all projects that needs to be done, it includes multi-step tasks.
To use Doit.im, first you need to sign up by filling a form. After the sign up, you’ll receive an email address with the password, which you can change later. After signing in, you’ll be redirected to the main window. It also offers two additional options, sign me in when Doit.im starts and start Doit.im when the computer starts. You can simply drag and drop the tasks from one folder to another. At the bottom of left sidebar, you’ll find two more folders including Completed and Trash. According to the developer, this app is coming for Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Symbian very soon.

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