>How to Turn iPhone into Wireless Remote for an iMac


Do you want to use your iPhone as a wireless remote for iMac? Well, You can turn your iPhone into a wireless remote by using an app available in App Store. The name of this app is Remote. After you have installed this app on your iPhone you will be able to control your iMac wirelessly from your iPhone. Now follow the step by step instructions posted below using which you will be able to turn your iPhone into wireless remote for your iMac.


STEP 1. First you have to download Remote app and then install it on your iPhone. In order to download Remote app, within your iPhone, Tap on App Store, then Tap Search and type Remote. Now you have to Tap Download Now.
STEP 2. From the main screen of your iPhone, simply Tap “Remote” icon.
STEP 3. Now you have to activate the remote functionality of compatible software available on your iMac.
That’s it. In this way you can use your iPhone as a wireless remote for iMac. You should note that Remote app is available for free of cost from App Store. If you found any difficulty in following the above steps then feel free to ask in the comment section below.


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