>Microsoft launches Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate


Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate is available for download right now, ready to show you the Beauty of the Web, and you can find it here or here. Meant only for Windows Vista and 7, the IE9 RC will not work on XP or below. Check it out, and let us know what you think in the comments section below!

The new interface and framework boasts of a host of major and minor improvements, from hardware acceleration of multimedia and Flash content to enhanced tab layouts, a faster Javascript engine to toggle-able ActiveX filters, native HTML5 support as well as geolocation support, apart from customizable Tracking Protection lists, web app and website taskbar pinning, One Box, and more.

According to Microsoft, over 25 million beta testers helped out with the testing process that lasted months. They received over 17,000 “pieces of feedback”, more than all the feedback for the “entire development life cycle of IE8.” Let’s see if all that was worth it!


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