>Puntalo to Track & Get Back back your Lost Phone


Have you misplaced or lost your phone? Puntalo is a tracking app that lets you know the whereabouts of your loved ones. You can use this cool app to find your lost or stolen phone by tracking. It sends you SMS or e-mail notifications in order to track your family or friends, no matter wherever they are located or arrived. You can look their position up on a map.

Key Features of Puntalo

  • Track your family and kids.
  • Real time monitor to know when your phone has arrived/left at a specific area on the map.
  • Track and find your lost or stolen phone.
  • Remove date remotely if your phone gets stolen.
To get started with Puntalo, simply choose your phone’s brand and model on your dashboard. After that you’ll be prompted to install Puntalo on your phone. After installing the app, you can add new people to notify and create an area within the map where you expect the phone to be at a given time.
If you loose your phone and you are using Puntalo, your phone will be locked by this app. This way your personal information is kept away from strangers. It tracks your lost phone on the map. And if you find your phone, you can remove the data in it remotely to protect your privacy. You can use Puntalo app for free, but you can sign up for a premium account to get SMS and e-mail notifications, remote phone lock, remote phone wiping, and more. Currently this app works for Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and Samsung.
Click Here to get started.

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