>Skype for iPhone Updated, Now Supports Video Calls to TV


Do you want to make video chat on your TV screen? Well, Now you can make make video chat on your TV screen using Skype app for iPhone. Skype has announced the release of an update to their iPhone app. The new updated version of Skype for iPhone app includes an additional feature to the video capabilities of Skype. In December 2010, this was first introduced. Using this new feature you will be able to make video calls to TV that support Skype. You should remember your TV must have webcam so that other person will be able to see you.

All TVs are not Skype enabled. Click here to get the list of supported sets of TVs and webcams. As we know the call quality of FaceTime is better than the call quality of Skype but due to the cross platform calling capabilities, Skype is preferred by most of the users. Recently Skype has added support for 3G, WiFi calls and now Sky has added support for Video Calls to TV. [Via]


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