>Text Lightning for Instant Replies to Similar Questions in MS Outlook


Replying to similar types of emails repeatedly is a dragging task, which most of the people finds tedious. Text Lightning is a power tools for Microsoft Outlook that solves the problems related with replying to similar inquiries. Users working in companies deal with some products or services and will get the benefit from this tool. You can also search all your past reply to a message or contact. 

Text Lightning Key Features

  • One-click insertion of text, images, and files.
  • Extract formatted text and font information.
  • Reconstruct paragraphs, with justification, margins, and indent.
  • Search all your past responses to a message or contact with a single click.
  • Integrate with Other Programs.
  • Cross-platform for exchanging documents via e-mail and the web.
When you use Text Lightning for the first time, it collects all the personnel and work information. This will let you use them anywhere while replying to an email. After entering the details, it will open pane with all the information and regularly used phrases and sentences. You will find all these information at the right side of Outlook Mail Compose window and you can properly place them in your reply.

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