>Toonel for Faster & Anonymous Internet Browsing


It could be an irritating situation, if you’re unable to open Facebook, update your antivirus, or download any file. To bypass them you need fast proxy servers or use unsecure tunnel websites. The main reason that arises these problems is the slow browsing speed. Toonel is a great utility that take care of these issues. It lets you do anonymous surfing and it compresses the data to speed up your browsing over slow internet connections

According to the site:
“Toonel.net is an experiment in a technique for conserving network bandwidth. If you are paying a fee based on the amount of data you transfer (e.g. 3G/GPRS/DSL/CDMA) and have a monthly download limit, or if you have narrowband connection (e.g. dialup modem) then you are most likely to appreciate the service toonel.net offers. There are a number of toonel.net client application packages. All solutions are 100% Java based and therefore this service can be used on any platform with an installed Java Runtime Environment, including mobile phones”.
To use Toonel, you need to execute the Java runtime. Once you run this utility, change your Internet proxy settings by going to your browsers options and changing the server address to and Port to 8080.
Once you are OK with the settings, you can easily browse, download and stream. You can access the block websites and services. Toonel is very small with just 100 KB in size, but it enhances your internet speed.


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