>2Player to Remotely Control Music Streaming on Android


2Player is an amazing Android music player that got the ability to remote control the streaming of music from one device to another. It has integrated support for devices on your home network. You can play your computer’s music collection on your phone. Apart from it, you can play from your phone onto your DLNA television.

2Player uses the DLNA network protocol to move music from your media server devices to your media renderers. This app is surprisingly very easy to use. After launching the app, you’ll see the following interface:

From the dropdown list you can select the music source. You can see the the target (play to) from the bottom dropdown bar. If you don’t find any DLNA or UPNP network devices, you can choose only the local device. When you’ve chose the local device for both the source and target 2player will become a local music player. 2Player is licensed under the “Good Karma License”.
The Good Karma License is based on the following premise: that human beings are – more often than not- decent.

Here’s the deal: I won’t mine your personal data, expose you to literally thousands of ads for things you don’t want, or try to trick you into downloading a “free” application that is nothing but an elaborate ruse to make you pay for the “Pro” version. Instead, I’m going to give you a fully functional trial version of the software, for you to use as you see fit. In exchange, I expect you to pay for a license if you like and use my program.
It’s a simple proposition. I trust you to do the right thing, and hopefully, we all end up a little better off as a result.


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