>3 Best Tools to Extend the Functionality of Twitter


Twitter is simple yet powerful platform for conveying complex information. It’s a cool social platform that lets you create mini-blog posts, share links or have conversations with friends, communicate with others through voicemail. To do these all activities, you need a plethora of tools, apps, and hacks. In this article you’ll find 3 great tools that extend the functionality of Twitter. 


SecretTweet is the best app for you, if you want to post on Twitter without the rest of the world knowing it. You can use this tool to post tweets anonymously. You can also read secrets tweets from other users and reply to them. This tool only collects your IP address, so your identity is not disclosed anyhow.
Click Here to get started.


It’s true that Twitter’s default search engine is quite poor. You can use TweetScan to find the particular tweet, if you are looking for a specific term in the Twitterverse. It’s a live search engine for Twitter postings. It also monitors the keywords you select and automatically email you search results on a daily basis.
Click Here to get started.


Twitter hashtags are responsible to group tweets on similar subjects together. But if it contains jargon that you do not understand, you’ll miss the fun side. What The Trend creates a user-editable database of trend meanings.
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