>Best Apps to Sync your iTunes Music to Android Phone


If you are a iPod, iPhone, or an Android user then you can easily sync your device with iTunes. If you are an Android phone user and visit iTunes to purchase, then the sad part is that, iTunes can’t detect your phone. You can’t sync your smart playlist. In this article you’ll find some effective ways to sync iTunes music to Android.

Sailing Media Sync

It is one of the best apps to sync your iTunes music, playlists, podcasts and photos from iPhoto or Aperture onto your Android device. It comes with two versions, free and premium. You can use the free version to copy all your media files every time a sync is performed. The draw back of the free account is that, it does not keep a record of what has already been sync. The pro version can intelligently updates your phone, which results in a faster sync. It comes for $22.


Here comes another nice app, iTunesMyWalkman that lets you sync he contents of iTunes playlists to your Android phone. Some Key features are as follows:
  • It works on both Mac Leopard and Mac 10.4 Tiger.
  • It includes iTunes scripts and Folder Actions, in order to automatically detect your Android phone and sync your music and playlist right within iTunes.
  • Re-encode your music to save space.
  • Sync your camera pictures to your hard disk or iPhoto.

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