>Facebook Friend Exporter to Export your Facebook Contacts


If you’re a Facebook user then you must be knowing how important your contacts are. You must have taken some effective steps to secure your Facebook contacts. But what if your Facebook account has been deleted by mistake or intentionally? Now you must be thinking about contact backup, but backing up each contact individually will be a tedious process. Thanks to Facebook Friend Exporter that offers a much more time-efficient solution.

Facebook Friend Exporter Features

  • Easy-to-use extension.
  • Backs up your Facebook Contacts.
  • Exports your Facebook contacts to your Google Contacts.
  • Transfers information of your Facebook contacts to a downloadable CSV file.

Facebook Friend Exporter is a useful Chrome extension that lets you backup all your Facebook contacts. Once installed, there will be a new button placed in the top row of your Facebook toolbar. You’ll find it at the left side, entitled with “Export friends!”. When you click on this button, the information from your Facebook friends will start being processed.

This extension will export all contact information including name, email, phone numbers, etc. You can directly transfer the exported information to your Google Contacts or to a CSV file that you can download. This Chrome extension is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7 OS.

Click Here to get Facebook Friend Exporter.


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