>Followupthen Email Reminder to Setup Reminder for Email


Followupthen is an email reminder tool that lets you set up scheduled email reminders on any of your email account’s e.g Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo, Hotmail, and so on. Its use is very simple and you don’t need to sign up for an account to use it. Just CC the email to the service using the amount of time between now and the follow-up as the user name and “followupthen.com” as the domain. 

Key Features of Followupthen

  • Automatically send follow-up emails at a set time.
  • Simply add an email address to CC or BCC.
  • Schedule Automatic Follow Up Emails By Adding A CC.
  • No service to sign up for or program to download.

For the first time, if you are scheduling this email, then first you need to confirm your email address. After that your scheduled reminders will be started.

Steps involved to start setting up scheduled email reminders:

1) First open your email inbox and compose a new email message. For demonstrate purpose we have choosed “1minute@followupthen” to type n the “To:” field. After that add any text as the subject line or in the body of the message.

2) Now click on “Send” and wait for a minute. You’ll get an invitation email from Followupthen which looks like the following:

3) Now you need to click the confirmation link and fill up a captcha on the next page to confirm your account.
4) From the drop down selection box, select your local time zone.
You should make sure to select the correct timezone setting. By this your scheduled reminders will reach your email inbox on proper time.
Click Here to get started.

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