>GleeBox to Navigate the Web with your Keyboard


The use of a mouse allows you to move around the screen faster and click on links that are located at the far corner of the screen. It flush the need of a keyboard to some extend. But if you’re well attached with your keyboard to surf the internet, then you can use gleeBox. It’s a cool app that takes a keyboard-centric approach to navigating the web. It offers an intuitive way to navigate web pages via keyboard.

Once you have installed this extension, first press “g” to lunch the gleebox. A gleeBox box window will appear which is the main control center. gleeBox offers many options. It lets you type any phrase(s) and it will search the current page for links that match your query. After that you can scroll through the links to find what you want.

gleeBox lets you use the “?” prefix to perform a series of actions. If you type “?h”, it will highlight the H1, H2 and H3 headings and “?img” will highlight linked images. Useful commands include:
!read: Transform the page for a better reading experience using the Readability project.
!share: Share the current page.
!shorten: Shorten the URL of the current page using bit.ly.
!tweet: Redirect to twitter.com with the URL of the current page in the text field.
!snap: Take a screenshot of the current page in Chrome.
!rss: Open the current page’s RSS feed in Google Reader.

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