>Simkl App to access your IM Logs from Anywhere


When you chat online by using an Instant Messenger, history log of all your conversation are saved within the messenger. You can search within the app to retrieve the conversation. But what if you are using multiple IM apps or multiple computers? It would be tough to retrieve a particular history log. This is because you don’t know which IM app or terminal to retrieve the history log from. Simkl is a great app which will help you solve this problem. It has the ability to save your calls, Skype-to-Skype, SkypeOut, SkypeIn, group calls and chats online. With the help of this app you can access a chat from anywhere you have internet access.

Key Features of Simkl

  • You can install the IM CVR product by simply creating a Simkl account.
  • IM CVR provides instant access to all of your online conversation history.
  • To avoid desktop clutter, you can render invisible the IM CVR icon.
  • IM CVR supports full text searches of the chat history.
  • You can view your history from any computer.
  • You can record conversations conducted on multiple computers to one account through a combined chat log.
  • It can record Skype calls locally, directly to an MP3 format.
  • It uses advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to store usernames and passwords for auto log in on the user’s device.

Simkl is an easy-to-use app for recording Skype calls, Skype chats, and windows live messenger. The best advantage is that it stores all the recordings over the web and you can easily access it from anywhere. It is compatible with Windows 2K / XP / 2003 / Vista / Vista64 / 7 / 7 x64. It is 4.3 MB in size and can be downloaded from here.


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