>ExtraSpy Employee Monitor to Check Employees Performance


ExtraSpy Employee Monitor is a powerful app specially designed to check employees performance on daily basis. This app can easily spy without any sort of input from the employee’s system. You can observe the real usage when you need to keep tab on each and every action of an employee that he/she shows to create a general productivity report.

When you launch the main server app, you’ll be asked to add employees system details. But let it do the search and it will find all the systems connected over network. After that you can add the system in its check list. You can go to the main interface, from where you can add more systems. You’ll find the main navigation pane at the left side and from here you can access the reports, tasks and settings window. There’s a list of connected systems packed in Online window and you can see the current activity of selected remote system from the bottom pane.
ExtraSpy Employee Monitor also lets you send important messages to your employees. These messages will be received as system alert on employee’s system. From the main server app, chatting can be initiated and users at the other end wont have any option to reply back. You can bring up the chat window from the upper part of the window. Just enter a message and hit the OK button to send. The report shows all statistical data and create a rich pie chart. This chart shows overall performance of an employee. ExtraSpy Employee Monitor is compatible with Windows 2K / XP / 2003 / Vista / Vista64 / 7 / 7 x64.

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