>On-The-Fly Dropbox Encryption With BoxCryptor


Users who rely on cloud services have a host of tools in mind which can be used to secure files and folders along with all the classified information which are to be synced. From all the cloud based sync services, Dropbox is the most prominent for so many reasons. BoxCryptor is an application which comes with Dropbox support, allowing user to sync and encrypt files on the fly with RC4 algorithm.
It doesn’t confine you to use only Drobbox folder, one can specify any location where data is to be encrypted. Encryption and decryption takes place in realtime without asking passphrase each time to perform the operation.
All the BoxCryptor encrypted data is managed from virtual hard disk which is linked with Dropbox folder. You just need to copy the files into its drive to encrypt and sync data with dropbox folder. To begin, launch the application and enter password. Under Source Directory section, select either Dropbox folder or any other local folder. Now specify the drive letter for BoxCryptor virtual hard disk followed by a click on OK to create an encrypted virtual hard disk linked with Dropbox folder.
You can see a new drive listed in Windows Explorer. Now copy the data to the drive to encrypt and sync with Dropbox folder. The screenshot shown below exhibits encrypted data in Dropbox folder.
It encrypts data on-the-fly, meaning that when data is moved to its drive, it will immediately encrypt and store it in linked Dropbox folder.
Since one can use it to encrypt and decrypt data which is saved on cloud storage-based directories without having to supply passphrase each time, it proves to be utterly handy tool. If you’re a Dropbox user and looking for quick way to make your data secure, we reckon giving it a shot. As of now, encryption is backed by RC4, developer will soon replace it with staunch AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption algorithm. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.


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