>Save Forms Data On Selected Websites With Sticky Fields


Sticky Fields is lightweight extension for Firefox which lets you select on which webpage text content is to be saved. It is designed to save only text in forms. Before starting discussion in a forum, commenting, or chatting, you need to enable it for saving text from right-click menu. If you want more control over your data and don’t want to save your data across all sites using the popular Lazarus extension, then StickyFields will come handy.
To save the form data of current webpage, from StickyFields menu, click Remember Field. It will start saving the text that you enter in the current session, however, if you want to remember fields text from only current page, click Remember Field This Page Only.

When you want to fill form with the same text that you’ve entered previously, select Re-Populate Pagefrom StickFields menu to retain all the text back. The Forget Field will clear the text from its cache.


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