>Check Broken Links Of Any Website With Fast Link Checker Lite


In order to main the quality of a website, it is necessary to make sure that it does not have broken links. It can be quite frustrating for a user to find links that lead to nowhere or give an error when browsing through a website. Broken links can lead to loss of valuable visitors, search engine rating, revenue, etc and damage a website’s reputation. Fast Link Checker Lite is a free version of the Fast Link Checker application that can be used for tracking broken links of any website (via its URL). It  provides user-friendly reports for broken links that can be saved to a file in order to review and correct them.

To start checking a website for broken links, click on the New button from the top right corner of the main interface, enter a URL and click Start. This will initiate the process of checking the website for broken links. The process can be viewed in tabs or frames by selecting the respective options. The scanning process can be aborted, paused and restarted from the buttons on top toolbar. Likewise, the Export button allows saving the scanned information as a file.

The Settings button can be used to access options regarding URL timeout, number of network connections, setting the maximum number of network connections to the same server, configuring proxy settings (Connection tab), managing file recognizable file extensions (file extensions tab) and viewing/clearing cookies (Cookies tab).

Despite being an excellent free tool for monitoring and identifying broken links for literally any website, it does not currently support Mozilla Firefox or Chrome for user agent identification. Nonetheless, fast Link Checker (Lite) is a particularly handy application for website developers /owners to keep their site free of missing links.
It works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Fast Link Checker Lite


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