>Internote to Add Notes to Any Web Page [Firefox Extension]


Internote is a cool Firefox addon that lets you create notes on a web page. You can stick notes and save notes on websites, and see them again when you return to the page. Notes are very important and comes with many useful features. Internote provides a manager where you can  see all of your saved notes, edit them, print them, and delete them.

Key Features of Internote Extension

  • Sticky notes for web pages.
  • The animations for notes are default, but you can turn them off.
  • The scrollbar shows up if you have a text longer than the note’s surface. You can choose the standard Firefox scrollbar or Internote’s built-in scrollbar.
  • Resize, move, minimize notes.
  • Displays your stickies on a layer above the webpage.
  • Export and import notes.
  • Access to all notes across all pages.
  • Manage notes with the add-on panel.
  • The ‘flipside’ of a note can be used to change its background and text colors.

Internote integrates with Firefox and works like a desktop. you can easily move notes, resize, change colors, and more. You can use the options window to manage all your notes. Internote is really a great tool to stick notes anywhere. It is useful site for those who works remotely and rely on lots of websites for work.

Install Internote


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