>Linkdoozer to Quickly Bookmark Websites


Linkdoozer lets you find and bookmark websites that you feel to visit again. It’s a new interactive bookmarks and favorites websites that you can use to post, manage, and share your preferred sites. Simply visit this site and create a homepage. Save bookmarks and favorites which you can access from any computer. You can contribute to a dynamic web directory by using the doozermarks (private bookmarks).

Key Features of Linkdoozer

  • You can add your website to public listing.
  • Use tags to find similar websites.
  • Doozermarks lets you add cool websites to your dashboard.
  • Browse top websites on the homepage.
Linkdoozer first target the tagged websites laid out on the homepage. Here you will find different categories to browse. The categories include shopping, business, travel, internet, games, and more. You will find a short description about each website. Here you can click tags to find similar websites, add to doozermarks, and add to favorites. Then from the sidebar, you can browse through the tag cloud and view the latest added websites.

Click Here to get started.



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