>Tweepi – Best Twitter Follower Management Tool


Tweepi is a Twitter tool that allows you to mass unfollow Twitter followers, unfollow those who are not following you back, and mass follow those whom you are not following. With it you can get all all the information about your followers in form of stats. This Twitter follower management tool is completely free.

Key Features of Tweepi

  • Mass unfollow Twitter followers.
  • Unfollow all those Twitter users whom you are following, but they are not following you back.
  • Reciprocate screen to see which Twitter users you are not following.
  • Cleanup feature to selectively unfollow the Twitter followers.
  • Sorting feature to find the Twitter users who have not tweeted in a long time.
  • Find those who tweet a lot, or find those who are just spam.
  • Use checkboxes against each user to select multiple Twitter follower together, and mass unfollow them.

Tweepi gives you an interesting way to find Twitter users that match your taste. You can mass follow them. To do this, just provide name of a Twitter user, and Tweepi will start following all followers of that user. This way you can build your own Twitter list. There’s a Follow all Friends of a Twitter User option. You can use this option to follow all those Twitter user that a particular Twitter user is following.
Click Here to get started.


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