>Verizon is Offering Free iPhone 4 with FiOS TV, Phone Bundles, Internet


We came to know that Verizon is offering $200 USD discount to apply to the cost of an iPhone 4 along with a $5 to $20 monthly discount on their plan to the new buyers of its TV, landline phone packages and Internet in order to promote its FiOS TV iPhone remote control app. For your kind information FiOS is the television, internet and phone service of Verizon which is delivered via fibre optic cable to the home of customer. This service is not available in all areas of US. In comparison with DSL or standard copper cable this service of Verizon provides very fast Internet access.

The deal is promoted in a new TV spot and it describes FiOS TV and iPhone as a Perfect Pairing. From this ad you can see it shows Control your TV, manage your DVR wirelessly and using iOS app send pictures to your flat screen with the flick of a finger. You can see the ad video embedded below.

Currently Verizon is offering 5Mbps upload and 15Mpbs download Internet access, 180 channels FiOS TV with a DVR along with 40 HD channels and also providing unlimited landline phone service for $95 USD per month with a 2 year contract. Now Verizon has added iPhone service plan to the bundle and offering $10 discount per month. So you have to pay $85 USD per month along with wireless plan. [Via]


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