>Better YouTube to Watch YouTube Videos in a Better Way


Do you want to view YouTube videos on Chrome in a better way. Better YouTube is a Chrome extension that shows you the better way. It basically reduces the clutter and enhances the video streaming experiences on YouTube. It stretches the YouTube video and move it to the center. This gives you comfortable view, and removes all promoted videos and ads from the search.

Better YouTube lets you focus on the video with a cleaner looking page without any clutter. The best thing about this extension is that it moves videos to the center and automatically stretches them in order to make them in accordance to a  comfortable viewing size. It brings footers to the center of each page.

It removes ads and promoted videos from a video and centralizes title on video page. Better YouTube auto-hides video suggestions, so that others can’t access it from the top right corner of the page. This is the best extension to watch YouTube videos without any clutter.

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