>Dup Scout tool to Clean Duplicate Files


Dup Scout is a file cleaner that detects and removes your duplicate files from your local disks. It scans your system for duplicate files for calculating total wasted disk space. It analyzes duplicate files by file extensions. It lets you delete duplicate files directly, create links of duplicate files, move all the duplicates to any local location in order to check whether system will work or not after removal of files. Apart from it, you can compress files to save disk space.

Key Features of Dup Scout

  • Maximum Number of Files 100,000.
  • Maximum Number of Profiles 3.
  • Maximum Storage Capacity 1 TB.
  • Option to Move Duplicates to a Directory.
  • Option to Delete Duplicate Files.
  • Support for Long File Names.
  • Support for UNC Network Path Names.
  • Support for Unicode File Names.

DupScout displays the result in a list and deal with the duplicate files with ease. From the menu you can choose to view the files in Windows Explorer, replace the duplicate files with links, move the duplicates to another directory, or compress the duplicate files. This tool is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7. It’s a freeware that sizes only 3.8 MB.

Download DupScout



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