>Easy Moza to create Photo Mosaic Online


Easy Moza is an online tool for creating photo mosaic. To use this service you don’t need to go for any registration or download any additional software. Once you have created your photo mosaic, you can download low resolution version of your mosaic to your computer. This is really a nice online tool for creating photo mosaics of your baby, your wedding or any memorable event.

Procedure to Create Photo Mosaic:

1) First visit the site, and click on create photo mosaic on the main page.

2) Choose the main photo and it will be the main picture of your photo mosaic. It will contain all other small photos.

3) Once the loading is completed, go to settings and select the number of cells, color adjustment, mirror photos, tile borders.

4) After selecting them, click the continue button to go to the next step.

5) Now choose the small photos that will form the main photo. It’s better to choose as many small photos as you can. You can get the best result by choosing minimum 250 small pictures.

6) After loading the pictures, click on the create mosaic button.

7) This tool will take just 1 to 3 minutes to make a photo mosaic.

8) You can save the picture directly in your PC. You can save the picture by low resolution and high-resolution.
9) You can also share your creation on social networking sites.

Check out the video to know how to create photo mosaic:

Click Here to get started.



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