>How to Backup iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Using iBackMyi


Do you want to backup your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad? Well, You can easily back your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad by using iBackMyi. For your kind information iBackMyi is a shell script which can be used to backup user defined directories and create a gzipped tarball. Then you can upload it to a FTP site and then download it to your computer. Now follow the step by step instructions posted below to backup your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad using iBackMyi.


STEP 1. First you have to download .deb file from here.

STEP 2. Now you have to copy the .deb file to /var/mobile/ and then simply install it via iFile.

STEP 3. In order to backup your iOS device simply launch MobileTerminal and then type:

  • su
  • alpine
  • ibackmyi ( all lowercase )

STEP 4. In order to get the backup simply go to /var/mobile/media/iBackMyi
That’s it. In this way you can backup your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad using iBackMyi. You should note that still the script is in beta stage so you have to use it at your own risk. You can watch the video embedded below to see it in action.

Using iBackMyi you can backup Cydia sources list, Tweak preferences, AppStore list, iFile Bookmarks, List of Cydia pacages installed on your iOS device, List of themes installed on your iOS device, Description of Cydia packages, SMS database, call history, Safari bookmarks and browsing history. [Via]



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