>Pagemodo to Create your own Facebook Fan Page


Pagemodo is an online Facebook tool that lets you create an attractive landing tab or a tab to display your company’s products on your Facebook fan page. You don’t need any coding or HTML knowledge to design your page. You just need to upload your images that you want to be displayed and then drag them into position. Then simply add the text that is meant to go with them. Isn’t it so simple? Go through this article for a complete tutorial.

If you don’t have a Facebook fan page, then click here to create one. Choose the category, sub-category, and page title.

After creating the page, come to Pagemodo.

To register for a free account, connect Pagemodo to your Facebook account. Then allow access to your basic information, send you email, post to your wall and manage your pages.

You are allowed to create one branded tab with a free account. This will feature a Pagemodo footer. You will get many customizable templates, but templates including videos require one of the paid packages. After selecting your template, hit the customize button and add the content.

In the WYSIWYG editor, each box is neatly labeled and numbered. Here you can upload images or link to images hosted elsewhere. While entering the text, you can select the background design and colour, and text formatting. You can see the changes from the preview pane. Later you can modify the templates, just by going back to the WYSIWYG editor.
Click Here to get started.


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