>Split Screen Onclick to Split Webpage into two Horizontal Segments


Split Screen Onclick is Google Chrome extension that lets you split a webpage into two horizontal segments. Once you have installed this extension, you’ll find a “S” icon next to the address bar. Simply hit this icon to split a webpage. There’s a Freeze Pane option in Microsoft Excel, which is very similar to the utility provided by this extension. You can use this utility to freeze a segment of the page and compare it with a another portion that may otherwise not appear with the split area.

“The extension was developed to read articles and watch related video conveniently by splitting the web page. Before this extension, the only way to read an article and watch a related video was to open two tabs and then snapping them to the side of the screen”.
You can continue to split the page further into more concise chunks, by clicking on the “S” icon again. The only sad part about this extension is that, it only split pages horizontally. It would be better if the developer enhance this extension for vertical splitting. Currently the webpage can be splited in two halves. This allows scrolling lengthy lists without losing the view of the title or headers.

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