>Internet Explorer 9 Beta Users Will Receive Automatic Update To RC

>Internet Explorer 9 Beta users may be in for a surprise in the coming days as Microsoft has revealed that the release candidate of IE9 will be added as an important update to Windows Update. The rollout will start gradually and complete in the following days until all Internet Explorer 9 Beta users have been covered.

Automatic Update notifies the user via the system tray when the update is available. A click on the notification, or a manual check via Windows Update, launches the Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate installation.

The update spawns a Windows Internet Explorer 9 installation window with options to install, don’t install or ask later. Install will update the beta of Internet Explorer 9 to the release candidate build. Don’t install changes the update’s rating from important to optional. It still can be installed at a later time but Windows will not prompt it automatically anymore. Ask later will offer the update again during the next update scan.

Windows users do not have to update the beta to release candidate if they do not want to. They still have to click on the do not install link to prevent the automatic update though. It is however recommended to update to the release candidate as it provides improvements and fixes.

Microsoft already mentioned that a similar update procedure will be in place to update development releases and previous version of Intern the final version of the web browser. System administrators, organizations, businesses and home users can use the IE9 Blocker Toolkit to prevent the automatic distribution of Internet Explorer 9.


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