>Add Option In YouTube To Download Videos


YouTube Downloader is a Chrome extension that allows downloading YouTube videos in MP4, WebM quality, as well as in FLV format. Unlike many other extensions, it provides a clean download button below the YouTube video, which makes it appear like a built in option. With Youtube Downloader you dont have to use extensions with inconveniently placed download buttons (e.g. on the status bar). It supports almost all the available video sizes including, 240p, 360p , 480p , 720 and 1080p. It also provides real time encoding during the downloading process and provides quicker downloading as compared to other similar extensions. Hence, users can grab YouTube videos in high quality and good speed.
To download a video, click on the Download button which will automatically appear below every YouTube video once the extension is installed, and select your desired size and format to begin the downloading process.
YouTube Downloader is by far the best video downloader extension we have seen so far because it integrates nicely with the YouTube layout. It is a fast, convenient and simple extension for grabbing YouTube high quality videos.


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