>AVG To Launch Cloud Based Storage Solution AVG LiveKive


Most users who hear the name AVG think antivirus in a heartbeat and maybe AVG TuneUp or LinkScanner on second thought. It appears though that the popular security company aims to launch a new cloud based storage solution in the coming week. We do not know a lot about AVG LiveKive yet, only that users will get five Gigabytes of free storage space “leading-class secure storage”. Plans are to make the storage solution quick and easy to use with immediate access to contents from all synced devices.
Devices will include apps for popular smartphones like Apple’s iPhone or Android powered devices. There is however no final list available with all compatible operating systems and mobile devices.
Many questions at this point in time remain unanswered. Among them how data can be backed up and accessed. Will AVG LiveKive use a Dropbox like solution to give users access both via a native file browser integration and website? Will they provide a software for the access?
I have contacted AVG but have not heard back yet. AVG plans to kick of a public beta in the coming week which means that we will know more about the service by then at the latest. (via)

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