>Doxilion Document Converter Convert Documents of Multi-format


Doxilion Document Converter is a multi format document file converter. It is specially designed to convert docx, doc, rtf, html, and txt files to docx, doc, rtf, html, txt, and/or PDF format. It’s a freeware that is very easy to use. Simply select one or more documents from your PC, and then convert them to an output format.

Doxilion Document Converter Features

  • Batch conversion of documents supported.
  • Use your right click menu to convert from outside the program.
  • Supports drag and drop interface.
  • Convert doc to HTML, convert doc to HTML, and convert PDF to HTML.
  • Convert documents to web pages.
  • Integrate with Express Burn Disc Burning Software to create data CD or DVD backups of documents.

Doxilion Document Converter has a simple interface without any fancy options. It’s ideal for converting documents within minutes. Its intuitive interface is very simple to use. This document converter is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008, Windows 2000. You can download this freeware from the below link:

Download Doxilion Document Converter


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