>FileClipper Offers 5 Tools to Perform File-specific Operations


FileClipper is a cool app for Mac users that offers 5 tools to perform file-specific operations, such as, move and copy files, make aliases to current location, and to create hard and symbolic links. This tool acts as a clipboard handler for moving file from one place to another. It makes aliases to specified location, create symbolic and link of selected file. This way it copies the file from selected location to current opened location.

To get started with FileClipper, first you need to extract the downloaded package and then open the FileClipper to access the apps. You can use FileClipper via a variety of launchers to perform the actions, including Spotlight menu, ScriptMenu, DragThing, etc. But you can simply drag all the apps to the toolbar of Finder window.
You can copy the file either from right-click context menu or by using control + C hotkey combination. Choose the location where you want to perform an action and click the respective button to begin the file operation. Apart from moving files and folder from one place to another, you can perform more action over files and folders. For this you don’t need to clutter your screen with multiple Finder windows. FileClipper is available only for Mac users and sizes 4.8 MB.

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