>Need a Free Video to iPhone Converter? Get Miro Video Converter


Finding a decent iPhone to video converter can be a pain, and finding one that the average person finds easy to use can be even worse. Thankfully along with the Mac App Store came Miro Video Converter, a practically foolproof and no frills video conversion utility that can convert just about any video file into an iPhone compatible format with the click of a button.

How to Convert Video to iPhone Format Free with Miro Converter

This is as easy as it gets:
  • Download Miro Video Converter, it’s free from the Mac App Store (direct link)
  • Launch Miro Video Converter
  • Drag a movie file into the app
  • Select your output type (I recommend “Apple Universal”)
  • Click “Convert!”
The conversion is surprisingly quick, and the newly converted video file will appear in the same directory that the original source video was located. If you chose “Apple Universal” you’ll now have a MP4 file that can be brought onto your iPhone (or iPad, iPod touch, etc) and played hassle free.
The downside to apps like Miro is that the simplification takes away more advanced options that some users require. It’s also free to download and pretty easy to use, but has significantly more options like bitrate, frame rate, subtitle support, and more.

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