>Spicebird Email Client Integrates iGoogle


Previously we have reviewed some nice email clients like Thunderbird and Zimbra. But some how Thunderbird fails to give its best shot. Here Spicebird comes has a strong competitor. Spicebird is a greatest offering from Mozilla which brings much more advantages when compared to Thunderbird. This email client combines all of Mozilla’s productivity apps into one Outlook-like package.

SpiceBird includes different tabs in a single window including Home, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks. You can add and manage tiny widgets to the home tab. These widgets can show a preview of your inbox(es) or time in different zones. These can be used to keep up with your favorite RSS feeds. Here you can add iGoogle gadgets and display upcoming tasks.

You’ll find Add Applets option in the tool bar. Click on it and choose Google Gadget. Now from the gadget’s description, copy the address of the iGoogle Gadget and then paste it on the page. This way you can load gadgets in your SpiceBird home tab. You can arrange the widgets by dragging and dropping them onto the page.
In the Contact tabs, you can add your chat accounts. You can manage and store your contacts with ease. The Calendar tab provides standard functionality. You can import and export iCal files. The tasks tab lets you create tasks, set task priorities, categorize them, and mark the progress on your tasks.
Click Here to get started.

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