>Zimbra Email Desktop Client to Download Email Instantly


Zimbra is one of the best email clients that instantly connects to any email account. Yahoo brought Zimbra, a powerful email desktop client. It easily integrates with a free Yahoo account. It can manage multiple e-mail accounts from its single in-box. It has the ability to sync contacts and calendars from Yahoo Mail and Gmail.

After downloading Zimbra, first you need to add your email accounts. From the below screenshot you can see five email accounts configured to pull all new email down into Zimbra.

Zimbra organizes each email account in the left navigational panel in a well arranged manner. To view all folders, you can drop-down each account. You will get all your folders/labels from both your Yahoo accounts and your Gmail accounts. You are also allowed to customize certain elements for each account. You can customize distinct signatures, personas and filters for each individual account, for example Gmail or Yahoo.
Zimbra lets you create simple slideshows that include text and images. This slideshow can be played within Zimbra. You can print your created documents. The free version of Zimbra has a very good collection of add-ons available at the Zimbra gallery.Finally Zimbra is a superb email client with many advance features. So give it a try and let us know about it.
Click Here to get started.

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