>Diff-IE Extension to Track Changes made to Websites


Diff-IE is an extension for Internet Explorer. It lets you keep track of any changes that happens over the internet. You can use this cool extension to keep track of changes to news feeds, social networking accounts, weather reports, and your favorite websites. In todays time of cutting edge technology, you must keep track of all the changes made over the internet.

After installing Diff-IE, it will create a tool bar on top of the address bar. Here you can modify the settings of the extension according to your preference. Click on the Settings button to configure caching options, change the color of the highlighted content and ignore sites from being cached. If you enable the caching of pages, you can compare images of previously stored pages with the recent changes that occur on a webpage. You can either save some parts or the entire page according to your wish. From the general tab in settings, you can configure the quality of the image that will be saved for comparison.
There’s a ignore sites tab that lets you add those websites to this list that you not want to track changes for. You can use the cache tab to view the saved pages and select the number of versions that you want to store per page. You can also see the cache size on the hard disk and have the option to delete the saved data when Internet Explorer history is deleted. Once you are OK with settings and enabled caching, you can easily view, track and compare the changes made to webpages when you visit them.

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