>iReadFast Enhances your Reading Speed


Do you like to read lengthy articles, but unable to read it faster? Do you feel the lengthy articles uneasy to read or cannot concentrate on it? If you answered yes, then in this situation iReadFast will help you. It’s a great tool that flashes the text, one word at a time, in a single screen. You can use it to  comprehend any electronic text at a faster speed.

iReadFast Key Features

  • User-friendly tool for a daily use.
  • It uses the simple copy/paste operations for text input so it is nearly compatible with every text document format you can open with you Mac.
  • Low resource consumption: Many speed reading software do not pay attention to the level of resources they use, many of them use 100% of CPU during reading.
  • It is compact and uses a small amount of system resources so you can keep it always running and ready to use.
  • The clipboard text importing makes iReadFast compatible with any application which supports text cut and paste operations.
  • It is developed for minimum power requirements (CPU load) in every usage stage.

According to the developer,

“Unlike normal reading this simple system frees our brain from the work of positioning the eyes word by word and keeping track of the point reached, mechanical operations which normally limit our reading speed. With iReadFast our brain can focus on the text comprehension because scanning the words is now work of the program (no more need to move the eyes) and it is no longer necessary to keep track of the reached point”.

iReadFast accelerates the reading of e-mails, web pages and every text that you often deal with. With this tool you can easily get rid off word-to-word eye positioning on the screen. This tool also lets you bookmark text and add it to library, so that you can read it later.

Download iReadFast


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