>Latest Mozilla Meeting Reveals Firefox 4 Performance, Stability Issues


The latest meeting notes of Mozilla Firefox’s development team seem to suggest that the last two beta releases of Firefox 4 have caused an increase in performance and stability issue reports by users of said beta versions of the Web browser.

Mozilla notes that there has been a “huge increase in daily comments about memory and CPU usage” and that users reported that Beta 11 of the Internet browser felt slower than Beta 10.

The feedback summary lists several heavily reported issues, from constant reloading on Hotmail and Flash related crashes on Facebook games and Gmail over font rendering issues on windows and Gmail lock ups to the inability to switch search engines and broken Facebook chat.

A closer look at individual user feedback shows that some users have experienced memory usage of up to 1.4 Gigabytes and 100% cpu usage. The majority of users are however reporting memory usage of a few hundred Megabytes.

It is not clear yet how the team will react on the increase in reports. Mozilla aims for a March release of the final version of Firefox 4, a doable task with only 8 open blockers left of which seven have a patch ready. The performance and stability issues on the other hand could in worst case postpone the release of the browser once again.

The coming days will show how the developers react: Will there be another beta or will they be able to fix the issues in the release candidate of the browser?

Have you worked with the latest Firefox 4 beta? Let us know what you think of it.


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