>Change The Firefox Default Zoom Level


Firefox, like any other web browser, offers options to zoom in or out of a web page temporarily which can be useful if a website uses fonts that are either to large or to small. Another application is to increase the font size if high definition displays are used. Two of the biggest complaints about Firefox’s zooming feature are the inabilities to save zoom levels for future browsing sessions and to set a different zoom level for all websites by default.
Default FullZoom Level is a handy add-on for Firefox 3.6 and later that offers to resolve both issues and more. Its first feature is the ability to set a specific default zoom level. Users who want bigger fonts for instance can increase the zoom level to 125 or 150, or any percentage value in between. The opposite is possible as well, any number below 100 would make the font on the screen smaller. The effect is immediate and valid for all web pages in the browser. Even better, the zoom level is automatically set to the selected value on every start of the browser.
Another bonus: Default FullZoom Level remembers site specific zoom levels which makes it useful even for Firefox users who do not want to change the default zoom level for all websites. Users just need to change the zoom level on an individual web page (for instance by using Ctrl-mousewheel or Ctrl- or Ctrl+) to make the changed zoom level the default from then on.
The same is possible for locally saved files. Changing the default zoom level and setting custom zoom levels for specific websites is already very useful, but the extension offers additional features that may be interesting for some users.
The Fit To Windows options can be used to automatically fit the zoom level to the open window with options to define a minimum and maximum zoom level automatically.
Default FullZoom Level is a handy Firefox extension for users who regularly use the zoom feature in the browser or wish that the browser had an option to set a new default zoom level.


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