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The recent photo viewer changes on Facebook have caused quite the controversy among Facebook users. Facebook introduced a new photo view mode about a week ago. Among the complaints is that a right-click on a photo does not reveal options to copy its web address anymore which makes it that much harder to display images individually or save them to the local computer system.
Facebook Image Link is an extension for the Google Chrome web browser that adds new context menu options to the new Facebook photo viewer.
A right-click on a page where the new Facebook image viewer is displaying a photo displays a context menu with the following three options:
  • Open Image URL: If this option is selected the photo will be opened in a new tab in the browser. (the same is natively available when users Ctrl-click on an image)
  • Show Image URL: This displays an alert that reveals the web address of the photo. The url can be copied and pasted as usually.
  • Show High Res Image URL: This displays the same alert but for the high resolution version of the photo if available on Facebook. Some Facebook photos have high resolution versions that can be accessed this way.
Facebook Image Link offers interesting options for Facebook users who like the new photo viewer but miss features to copy photo urls and view photos in tabs. The Google Chrome extension is available Here for direct installation over at the Google Chrome Extensions gallery.
Facebook users who do not like the new photo viewer at all can take a look at Facebook Photo Theater Killer Gets Rid Of Facebook’s New Photo View Mode to return to the old image viewer on the social networking site.


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