>ProtectYourVision Lets you Exercise your Eyes


Do you spend many hours on your computer? ProtectYourVision is a great online app that lets you exercise your eyes after a pre-defined time. This online eye exercise app is very easy to use and you don’t need any additional software for it. It has a very neat interface where you’ll find a robot named EVO. It will be your personal eyes assistant that will assist you to keep safe your eyes. It will take care of your eyes when you are working in front of a screen.

There are 3 different modes as:

20-20-20: When you have spent 20 min in front of a computer, a 20 sec break is signalized. In this break, close your eyes or focus the eyes on an object 20 feet (6 meters) away.

60-5: When you have spent an hour in front of a computer, a 5 min break is signalized. You’ll feel signal with a sound alarm and screen blackout.

Custom: In this mode you can define your break’s frequency and length.
To get started, simply visit Protectyourvision.org website and click “Start EVO”. Once clicked, you’ll be asked to select a mode (20-20-20, 60-5, custom). You can switch on/off sound alarm and screen blackout, in each mode. In the break, EVO will recommend you to do some eyes exercise. This will prevent your eyes from optical system abnormalities.

Visit Protectyourvision.org


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