>Find Word Meanings From Multiple Sources In Windows And Linux With Fantasdic


Fantasdic is a free dictionary to look up word definitions, prefixes, suffixes, etc from multiple dictionary sources. It is primarily designed for the Gnome desktop but a version for Windows OS is also available. Fantasdic is an easy way of acquiring word definitions from the best online dictionary websites, which eliminates the need to browse endlessly for finding a meaning of the word or phrase. It uses multiple online resources in order to provide in depth definitions from the best dictionaries. Definitions can also be acquired across numerous languages such as English-French or French-English.
After installation, Fantasdic can be launched in Ubuntu from Applications –> Accessories.
To find a definition, simply enter the search term, select a language and criteria (e.g. define, prefix, exact, substring, etc) and hit Enter. This will display the result which can be switched between numerous online resources by hitting the Ctrl+Page Down hotkey. The search result can also be printed, or saved as a file, from the buttons on the main interface and the Fantasdic menu.
The Edit menu provides options to scan the clipboard for words (to find definitions for), moving on to the next/ previous dictionary page and for configuring preferences.
Unfortunately Fantasdic comes with only 3 language options including English, French and Japanese. However, the Preferences option can be used for adding more languages, by providing an appropriate URL from the Add button in the Dictionaries tab. Moreover, Startup options and proxy settings for accessing online dictionaries can be set from the Startup and Proxy tabs.
The Go menu provides the option to obtain a definition from the next, previous, first  or last website of the available database.
If you are looking for a dictionary software for your Linux or Windows operating system, then Fantasdic might be a fantastic option for you.


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