>How To Renew IP Address From The DHCP Server


Any disruption in connection with the DHCP (Dynamic Host configuration Protocol) server with the client can result in a failure to acquire an IP address. This results in what is famously known as APIPA (Automatic Private IP Addressing). In such a case it is necessary to renew the IP address from the DHCP Server, in order to make the internet connect functional again. This command line will help you renew your IP address in case of an APIPA.
There can be multiple reasons why a user may not be able to acquire an IP address from the DHCP, this can be because the server is down or the server turns off. The APIPA IP address can be identified by going to the network adapter or your internet connection status and clicking on the “Details” button. Or by going to the command prompt and typing ipconfig /all and hitting the enter button. If the IP appears to be like, then you will need to renew your IP address. The APIPA reserved range is –
To get rid of this notorious IP and to renew your IP simply go to the command prompt and type ipconfig /release and hit enter. This will release the APIPA. then type ipconfig /renew and press enter again. This will renew your IP from the DHCP server and provide you with a proper static IP from the server to connect you back to the internet.

Your IP address will be renewed. To verify that you have received the right IP, you can simply check if the static IP is not from the APIPA range.
An Automatic Private IP Address might not seem like much of a nuisance, however, whenever you are unable to browse the internet, it might be worth checking out if you have the right IP address.


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