>Paragon Backup & Recovery Tool for Secure Data Backup


Paragon Backup & Recovery Free Edition is a powerful data backup and recovery program. This program lets you secure your data and take control over your PC’s safety. It involves all  the existing backup techniques and exclusive recovery environments. You can easily secure your data even if you don’t have any idea on using data backup and recovery software.

Paragon Backup & Recovery Free Edition Features

  • Backup to a local drive, network drive and external media.
  • Partition and Hard Disk Management Facilities including partitioning and formatting hard disks (create, format, delete).
  • Backup Schedule feature to set plan for regular backup.
  • Modify file system parameters including make active/inactive, hide/unhide and change serial number, volume label, partition ID and more.
  • Restore with Shrink to restore a backup image to a free block of smaller size taking into account only the amount of actual data of the image.
  • Differential backup to a sector image to only archive changes since the last full sector-based image, thus considerably saving the backup storage space.
  • Mount a partition by assigning a drive letter of any file system type to make it available for your operating system.
  • Sector backup to save not only all on-disk information but also the system service structures.
  • Restore an entire disk, separate partitions or only files you need from the previously created backup image.

Partitioning tools:

  • Format Partition
  • Create Partition
  • Hide/Unhide Partition
  • Restore from the selected archive
  • Restore File From Archive
  • Delete Partition
  • Change volume label,Test Surface
  • Differential backup
  • Mount/Unmount the archive
  • Add an archive to the database
  • Mark Partition as Active/Inactive
  • Assign/Remove Drive Letter
  • Check File System Integrity

This program includes a backup scheduler that lets you plan your backup creating session. The image shrinking option allows you to create a backup of your image files in small sizes. To keep your data safe and secure, you can create backup in a FTP server. Paragon Backup & Recovery Free edition is compatible with  Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Linux Os platforms.

Download Paragon Backup & Recovery Free Edition


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