>Emoji is not Working Between Verizon and AT&T


We came to know that Emoji is not working between Verizon and AT&T iPhones. Well, For your kind information Emoji is the most popular emoticon keyboard for iPhones. It is a fun-filled Japanese emoticon which can be sent from AT&T iPhone to Verizon iPhone. Now a new bug has been found. When Emoji characters are sent from Verizon iPhones to AT&T iPhones it does not work, it displays as strange ASCII characters but when Emoji characters are sent from AT&T iPhones to Verizon iPhones it works fine.

Well, It is expected that there is a bug in the Verizon iOS 4.2.6 firmware that’s why Verizon iPhone users are not able to send Emoji characters to AT&T iPhone users. We are expecting Apple will fix this bug in iOS 4.3. So the public release of iOS 4.3 may be delayed due to this bug.


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